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We’re committed to supporting every client, whether you're a contractor or homeowner, with consistent dedication and top-tier service. We truly appreciate your interest in our company and are ready to assist with your project needs. Feel free to get in touch—we can't wait to help you bring your unique vision to life!
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Where a handshake still means something

At SilvaStar, we honor the timeless value of a handshake—a symbol of trust and partnership that reflects our dedication to genuine relationships and integrity in every interaction. In a world where connections often feel fleeting, we are committed to the personal, enduring bonds that distinguish our approach to business.

Sustainably Grown

SilvaStar ensures you can proudly offer environmentally conscious products. Our commitment to responsible sourcing positions your business as a leader in meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly products.
Sustainably Grown

Quality Assured

SilvaStar guarantees the highest quality wood products, providing you with materials that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can offer materials that stand out.
Quality Assurance

Supply Chain Reliability

SilvaStar guarantees a reliable supply chain, ensuring that distributors and lumber yards can meet their commitments to clients without disruptions. Depend on us for a seamless partnership that supports your growth.
Rail Transport Car

Why Partner with SilvaStar?

SilvaStar provides dedicated support to ensure that distributors, partners, and lumber yards have the expertise needed to address customer queries and concerns. Rely on our team to provide the knowledge and assistance necessary for smooth transactions and customer satisfaction.

Choose SilvaStar as your strategic partner in success. We understand the intricacies of your industry and are committed to providing solutions that address your individual concerns. Elevate your offerings, streamline your operations, and lead the market with Silvastar—Where Your Success Takes Root!
Canadian Harvested Wood

Harvested in Canada, finished in the United States, trusted everywhere

We are immensely proud of the origins of our wood products, ensuring that every stage of the process reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and craftsmanship. This is achieved through selective harvesting in Canadian forests and eco-friendly manufacturing in the United States, highlighting our dedication to quality and sustainability. Choosing SilvaStar means more than opting for quality; it signifies a sustainable and eco-conscious decision, contributing to a greener future.

What sets us apart from the competition?

SilvaStar stands apart through our customized blend of logistic innovation, in-house quality control, and a family-driven approach to business. Our commitment to seamless delivery, whether by rail or our trucking fleet, alongside rigorous product grading, sets a standard for reliability and quality.

Central to our identity is the genuine care we extend to our community, treating partners and friends as part of our extended family. This combination of operational excellence and heartfelt commitment defines the SilvaStar difference.

Streamlined Delivery

We have our own rail spur and contracted cars, which makes rail delivery of our comprehensive product line seamless!

Tailored Trucking Solutions

With our dedicated logistics team and fleet, SilvaStar transforms even the smallest shipments into a hassle-free experience.

Consistency Guaranteed

Our in-house grading and remanufacturing process is the backbone of our unwavering commitment to quality.

Family-First Commitment

Our family ethos drives us to build meaningful connections. This commitment transcends business; we care deeply for our SilvaStar partners!

End-to-end shipping & logistics

SilvaStar takes pride in our comprehensive shipping and logistics division that oversees the entire process from the moment your order is placed to its final destination. Our team is committed to efficiently managing every aspect of the supply chain, ensuring that your products are handled with care and delivered on time, every time.

As a testament to our commitment to efficient transportation, SilvaStar boasts a dedicated rail spur for rail shipping. This strategic infrastructure investment allows us to enhance our shipping capabilities, providing an additional layer of reliability for time-sensitive projects. With our rail spur, we can streamline the shipping process and offer an eco-friendly alternative for transporting our products.
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